At Mercurio Cargo we have the resources- human, material and logistic- for your goods to be cleared in time to reach their final destination.




We have a real time monitoring system (fly view) that monitors the aircraft’s take off, landing and route times.


Internet monitored closed circuit TV. 20 company installed cameras and 20 installed by SAT, making Mercurio Cargo a part of “VIVA PROJECT” to provide greater security for its users.


Our 4000 m2 of authorized warehouse area allows us to quickly and safely manage full loads, because even the whole dollies are able to enter the warehouse as they exit the plane, avoiding delays in the loading and unloading of goods. This is advantageous because the goods are never exposed to the atmosphere guarantying they remain unaffected by weather changes such as rain, air, hail or snow.


One of the most advanced computer systems for goods monitoring and control, which is linked to the Piedras Negras offices.


Boardroom for meetings.


Free parking area..


Loading and unloading area.


We have a large 2,534m2 paved area for loading and unloading trucks and/ or trailers.


Two 75 kva electrical plants.


Loading and unloading equipments such as loaders, dollies, push back, tow bar 727 y DC8, cargo racks, tug tractors, connector and belt loader, 1 lav car, sewage services, stairs for the crew, and hoist.


Power plant for small aircrafts.


2 pneumatic plants.