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Customs Warehouse
Bonded warehouse authorized by the Ministry of Treasury through Aduana Mexico to provide warehousing services for foreign trade goods.
27,000 sq. ft. handling yard with 3 positions for the delivery of cargo and/or unloading of transporters, which is adjacent to important roads and connects with the main cities in the north and center of the country.
National and international land transits of goods arriving by air to Monterrey and made available to customs agencies to be cleared and transferred to cities near Ramos Arizpe, in Mexico and the USA.
Wide maneuvering area, previous and storage area.
Safe and fast clearance of goods, since Customs is located a few meters away from the Customs Warehouse.
Within the Customs Warehouse, presence of the main authorized customs agencies nationwide.
485 sq. ft. cold room, with temperature up to 1° C (33 °F) for goods that need refrigeration.
Air Operations:
Aircraft dispatch, flight plans and weather reports.
National and international air coordination.
18,000 sq. ft. platform.
Coordination of authorities upon arrival and departure of international flights.
Fuel coordination.
Ground handling for any type of cargo aircraft.
Coordination of land transportation of cargo.
Attention to passengers and crew in 2 lounges.
Transportation service for passengers and crews.
Catering service.
2 hangars for custody and safekeeping of aircraft

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