Corporate Aviation

To attend corporate aviation, we offer a comprehensive service that includes:

  • All types of ground support services.
  • Wide 2,200 square feet FBO.
  • Passenger and pilot lounges including all amenities.
  • Two hangars with a total space of 30,000 square feet, to accommodate all kinds of private aircraft.
  • Assistance for all landing permits and authorizations.

Cargo Aviation

In Mercurio Cargo, we specialize in handling, logistics and storage of foreign trade goods. We work 24/7 with all the infrastructure to safely serve the logistics for any type of cargo aircraft, with platforms, parking lots and taxiways of 250 thousand sq. ft.

We have direct access to the Saltillo International Airport; and, with the 27,000 square feet handling yard adjacent to the customs warehouse, these provides us with versatility for the handling of goods for domestic and international cargo, both by air and by land, to the main industrial hubs within the northern region of Mexico.

Customs warehouse

We have an authorized 21,500 sq. ft. Customs Warehouse in site, accredited by authorities, and the presence of multiple customs agencies, which together with the customs office adjoined to the facilities, allow a seamless and fast customs clearance, both for imports and exports, as well as the storage and custody of goods.

Storage Warehouses

To complement our logistics services, we also offer twelve modern warehouses for rent, with 107,000 sq. ft. for the storage of goods or logistic processes of all kinds.

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